Our office is located in Markham, Ontario. Alternate locations may be negotiated if needed. Phone sessions can be arranged, after an initial in person meeting. Many extended benefits cover psychotherapy services. Receipts will be provided.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be for any purpose the client chooses: managing relationships, managing mental health, life-work balance and/or self discovery.

Fees range from $120-$150/hour.

Relationship/Family Therapy

Relationship therapy is to help people manage their relationships, whether it be with children, siblings, parents, in laws or friends.

Relationship therapy focuses on communication styles, personal neurobiology, mental health, attachment patterns, love languages and balancing these with personal boundaries and constructive communication.

Fees range from $120-150/hour.

Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy is based on the principals of Gottman therapy, attachment theory, personality theories, love languages and arousal biology (fight/flight/freeze patterns).

Fees range from $150-200/hour.