Workshops can be arranged at your preferred location. Costs vary based on number of participants, travel time, and subject matter. All workshops require a minimum of 10 participants.

Parenting and Attachment

This 4 session workshop series (2 hours/session, total of 8 hours) teaches parents how to create and maintain secure attachment with their children. Secure attachment helps parents raise healthy and confident children while, maintaining authority and an ability to influence their children.

Understanding ADHD

This 4 session workshop series (1.5 hour/session, total of 6 hours) explains about executive functions and determining your personal ADHD profile. We learn ways to build up Executive Functioning and to rewire the brain to make ADHD management easier.

Triple P Teen

This is a program offered by Triple P International. Triple P Teen is a 7 week workshop (1.5 hours/session) to understand the developmental needs of teens, how to form a good relationship with teens and how to manage risky situations while giving teens more independence. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end by Triple P International.

ASIST Suicide First Aid Intervention

This is a workshop run worldwide by LivingWorks (2 consecutive days, 8 hours/day). Participants receive ASIST certifications provided by LivingWorks and become recognized as a suicide first aid interventionist. ASIST is an internationally recognized certification.

Support Group

Support groups can be offered. Please contact us for more details.

For other speaking engagements,  please contact us to discuss.